Danielle Herb

Danielle Herb is a freelance writer and editor who was born in New England (in a town called Worcester which, naturally, is pronounced "Woo-stah"), but she has spent most of her life in the great Pacific Northwest. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English and her Master of Arts in Literature & Culture from Oregon State University. You can find her on twitter @DaniiiHerb and Instagram @austinda.

GO’AL NEFESH (גועל נפש)

I am an honorary Jew,
for I believe in Jesus

says the white woman
who does not weep for ancestors or descendants

My grandfather was a Jew
He didn’t believe in Jesus

He fled Europe and regretted it
He felt his people must move

I am a Jew
skeptical of Jesus

I know that woman feels she owns
the burning stench
the dying

I am a Jew
Jesus was a Jew
Suffering is not unique to us

The ashes you think are yours
are not yours