Danny P. Barbare

Danny P. Barbare resideBorderlands Texas Poetry Review, Fourth and Sycamore, The Antarctica Journal, and The London Journal of Fiction. He has been writing poetry on and off for 34 years and has been published widely. He lives with his wife and small dog Miley in Greenville, SC.

My Friend and I

On the patio. Iron chairs. Friend of
mine whistling to a bird. Crow
flopping over. Magnolia once sapling.
Perfectionist neighbor. Sky empty
of airplanes. Clouds in sky. Strange
moon. If two moons. Waves of the
ocean. Miley the dog. Rabbit around.
Multiply. Carolina Wren. Cool wind.
Trimmed the hedge. Butterfly. Lady
bug. He or she. California fires.
Mud slides and rain.
Cold water. Washington redwoods.
Palmetto tree. Two lane roads and
highways. Pastures, cows, and horses.
Mower with flat tire. New air tank.
Shadows long. He looks at his watch.
Rusty wheelbarrow. Flower pot.
Tin bowl and ice water for the dog.