Elise Kimball

Elise Kimball lives in the little town of Templeton with her dog, Charley. She currently enjoys coffee with cream, curries, and fine wine (or any wine). Elise graduated from Westmont in 2013 with her B.A. in English, and utilizes her knowledge daily as a barista at Merry Hill Coffee & Teas by professing that she is “well.” Though the future looms ever vigilant ahead of her, Elise tries to focus more on the present task, blessing, friend, or rabid coffee customer.


There is no hallmark card for this.
I watch you walk away from me,
further upwind, watch you pull your father
from a box, open his ziplock – watch him
slip through the cracks of your loose fist
into a wind ready to wipe lives clean,
ladle death down valleys.

I swear the ashes take a form
before they separate forever.

You told me that, for you,
he died twice. Once
was a lie we don’t understand.

This time you pull a certificate of cremation
from the tin, then photographs.
I see your face in his.