Heidi Duncan

Following degrees in English Language & Literature and Secondary Education, with a minor in Theatre, Heidi Duncan concentrated, by and large, on writing and acting, as well as teaching English. She has worked in the theater and film world since 1995, acting on stages up and down the East Coast, and directing, producing and writing shows in Boston and New York. She co-founded two acting companies, marrying the performing arts, the written arts, and education. Her first solo art show (with oil and canvas) was in New York this March, and through it all, she has been writing.

Bryant Park

They break me
They break me

Those craggy old men throwing iron balls

They break me

Those sensual women with the brilliant skirts
Those sun-kissed, white-haired boy-children

They break me

Those bent-backed crones with the twisted fingers
Those slack-bodied businessmen enticed by the games
Those generous wide-palmed girls with the dreadlocks
Those birds audaciously stealing bread
Those trees rustling their downside-up skirts
Those breezes whispering secrets everybody knows
Even those dogs with the gregarious tongues

I am so
Brittle and
Emaciated and

This Park
In Midtown
At Midday
Teeming with

Breaks me.

photo by: brianac37