Marc Carver

Marc Carver writes, “I continue to write because people publish what I write and just now and again they say it is good. I write also because I have thoughts in my head. Some people could call me a schizophrenic It is all a very thin line but at least I have an outlet, and many don't know they are poets or artists—that is the sad thing.”

Not so good

The woman from New York
told me that in New York
you could be nothing too special
because there were so many clever people
genuises around every corner
you were never quite as good as you thought you were.

I got the feeling she was trying to make a point
telling me I was not as good as I thought I was
but what she didn’t know
was that I knew I was no good
and I had always known that.




Featured Image: Album artwork from Svarte Greiner’s album Black Tie