Stacey Tran

Stacey Tran is the founding curator of Pure Surface (a performance series that presents dance, poetry, and film together in the spirit of improvised collaboration), an editor at Poor Claudia and Pocket Notes, and the executive director of Project Cityscope where she founded The New Structure (a presentation series that shares new forms and definitions of placemaking and experiencing space). She lives and works in Portland, OR.   This poem is part of a longer work, End Solo, for a collaboration with the choreographer/dancer Danielle Ross. The collaboration combines original poetry with choreography for a contemporary dance called Togetherness. Togetherness is inspired by fragments of historical and mythological duets, including artist pairs such as Marina Abramovic & Ulay, Jean-Claude & Christo, and the work of Marguerite Duras, Virginia Woolf, Togetherness creates a new narrative that reconstructs and explores the synergistic power of two-ness.



we move all the time

we radiate in cardboard

we radiate in history

we radiate in paint

we radiate phantoms

we radiate indifference, in turn, saw the body as a boat housing the weather

we radiate in sacred powers preserved by concentric circles

we attach to disappearance and impermanence

because of the incredible bonds in nature we give as much as we take away

be mesmerized by rewarding truths

a structure of contract

value of negotiation

no movement / mental transformation

the activity of immobility, our work as saints, warriors missing in action

our silences were clearly borrowed

it was an act of self-purification

emptying out identity of the self and structures, stripped back the bone

departures and detours, our rejected language

to be used as often as desired

we were digging through iterations of creating a new body

doubling, dividing, interchanging

this body was not simply the sum of two parts