International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

IGVP Presents: Dance the Past Into The Future

The International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (IGVP) is creating a documentary titled Dance The Past Into the Future. This is a human story that will bring humans closer together.


Follow 3 generations of Turkish people standing at the intersections of history & progress. The stories of a few represent a global shift we’re all a part of: the tension in balancing our own values & culture with the lure of modern materialism, economic progress, & technology. What’s really lost? What’s really gained?

Explore these themes in the lusciously green Kachkar mountains of northeast Turkey as people head to the plateau highlands for traditional dancing, socializing, and grazing livestock. We’ll take you into the realities of how new tourism and environmental exploitation alter the local flavor of life. The documentary follows both villagers and metropolitans as they wrestle with their own role in the unfolding story of highlands traditions and modern lifestyles.

Hopefully you will be inspired to pause for a moment—calm life’s pressures—and embrace what we currently have in our families and communities and make it a point to pass on all that is good, noble, fun, and transcendent.

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