PoetryApril 17, 2014

Winter Galaxies

“I want to say, I lost my voice. But speaking would give me away.” — Wende Crow

BlogApril 14, 2014

After the Disaster

Out of the ashes of Fukushima, there is a spark of hope

HumanityApril 14, 2014

Lawrence Krauss, Our Hollywood Hulga

“… he reminds me of my erstwhile thirteen year-old self thundering through our trailer park home with all the delicacy of a rhino … screaming banshee style ‘IT’S NOT FAIR!’”

HumanityApril 11, 2014

In Defense of War Poetry

Poetry can’t write policy, but by providing a complex response to a complex situation, war poetry helps us to abide in contradictions, surely the first step toward living together more abundantly.

PoetryApril 10, 2014


A poem by James E. Allman

Film & TelevisionApril 9, 2014

True Detective

Marty & Rust’s journey into the dark world of sexualized murder matters, not only because the art of it is well-rendered, but because it reminds us of the darkness in fetishes instead of fetishizing darkness.

HumanityApril 8, 2014

A Seersucker Manifesto

No more dangerous fabric has ever been woven, washed, and worn in the history of mankind.

Music & Performing ArtsApril 7, 2014

Fire In The Belly

Arcade Fire’s world is a world of lovers: from the aimlessness of the lover searching the streets for his beloved to the madness of the lover who cannot behold his beloved as she walks behind him out of hell, all are resolved by one and only one event.

LiteratureApril 4, 2014

Right Ho, Wodehouse

There is an author who might be described as the literary equivalent of Mark Twain’s British cousin. This man is P.G. Wodehouse, the most delightful author you’ve likely never read.

BlogApril 3, 2014

Friday Quicklinks 4.4.14

A smattering of this week’s pique-powerful posts

PoetryApril 3, 2014

To Die is Gain

A poem by Betsy Brown

Film & TelevisionApril 2, 2014

On Parakeets and Human Nature

Ironically, while shows like The Walking Dead are preoccupied with the savage human animal stifled beneath a veneer, there is a radical inversion occurring in the narrative regarding non-human animals—that they are not all that brutish themselves.

Music & Performing ArtsMarch 31, 2014

Afternoon With the Axolotis

“What follows is part history lesson, part music review, and part nostalgic reflection on a band that changed my life.” ~ Jason Panella