Music & Performing ArtsSeptember 29, 2014

CALL FOR PAPERS: Festival of Faith and Music

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Calvin College’s Festival of Faith and Music to solicit academic papers that will subsequently be published on the site.

HumanitySeptember 29, 2014

Stores as Magic Places

Furtive buying in solitude, or in the company of a favorite friend, is the only kind of buying I would permit in an ideal world.

PoetrySeptember 25, 2014

Glass Forest

A.J. Huffman’s poem after the Dale Chihuly installation Glass House, 1971

LiteratureSeptember 24, 2014

Stepping Outside

Layne Hilyer on fear, failure and exile in the works of Roberto Bolaño

LiteratureSeptember 22, 2014

Roberto Bolaño: Never Kill a Child

A review of Monica Maristain’s new book Bolaño: A Biography in Conversations, an interweaving of biographical narrative and interviews conducted with Bolaño, a man of contradictions, both farouche and loving.

Film & TelevisionSeptember 19, 2014

Why Pick the Old Bones?

In a violent world, violence is inherent to truth telling.

PoetrySeptember 18, 2014


A poem by Joel Looper

Visual ArtSeptember 17, 2014

Art for Everyone answers: what about those for whom exposure to art isn’t readily available, or those whose negligible or nonexistent interest in art prevents them from seeking out opportunities to view it?

Visual ArtSeptember 15, 2014

Winogrand: Pre-selfie Street Photographer

Madison Peace’s reflection on multiple visits to the Gary Winogrand retrospective at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

PoetrySeptember 10, 2014


A poem by Stacey Tran

HumanitySeptember 10, 2014

Working Classes

Philip Levine and Studs Terkel on the meaning of labor.

Music & Performing ArtsSeptember 9, 2014

On Good Folk, Good Land

Charles Carman’s quick chat with Ben Hardesty, lead singger of VA folk outfit The Last Bison.

Music & Performing ArtsSeptember 5, 2014

In Celebration of Esoteric Spectacle: Operatic Observations

My wider life experiences—Bugs Bunny and History of Italian Opera and hating piano lessons and studying art history and and being ashamed of my elitism and being fiercely protective of the possibilities of art—don’t displace my experience of opera: they augment it.

Music & Performing ArtsSeptember 4, 2014

It’s Opera Season

If you had a habit like that, a pleasurable habit, but without the cost or cancer, a habit that wouldn’t kill you, a habit whose only downside was that it prevented you from enjoying opera, you’d keep it, right?